Elders: Our Elders have died and gone to glory. 
     Do you desire the work?  Fully Qualified?  Come help shepherd this flock.  Perfect for retired couples.

Loyce Horn
Church Office Secretary

Getting ready for Loyce's Birthday Party

Office -  (214)-821-2123


Church Office Secretary

Victoria Williams - is our office secretary and is responsible for the checkbook and church bulletin. Victoria also serves as an accredited Baylor Hospital Chaplin.

Diana VanHooser - served as a volunteer secretary before her accident and hopes to be able to return to service after her rehabilitation.

Loyce Horn - is the widow of one of our Elders.  She is semi-retired, but continues to serve world bible school program which she funded. 

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Burnett Wood
has served here for 43 years.  He serves as Deacon over the Lord's Table, repairs, grounds and is a trustee of the property. 

Carl Boyd was raised in the church and came to Main Street from Preston Crest about 5 years ago.  Carl was first drawn to Main Street by the radio program and he became involved in the feeding ministry.  Currently he picks up & takes home 2 widows & distributes the cookies, pies & cakes to the poor. 

Kenneth Scoggins was born & raised in this church in 1945.  He has served here for the past 15 years.  He was set apart as a Deacon on June 26th, 2000. 

Fred Vaughn graduated from the flesh to the spirit but he lives on in that he conceived of the ministry of feeding the homeless and his widow, Stephanie Vaughn, is largely responsible for creating this web site.

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Audio/Visual Technicians

Joe Reynolds - is the primary video technician (including PowerPoint operations) and backup audio technician.

Robert Lawson - is the primary audio technician and backup video technician (including PowerPoint operations).

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Chevy Orosco, Eric Jenkins, Burnie Wood, Fred Vaughn & Carl Boyd



  Evangelists - All of Our Evangelists are Volunteers.  We have NO paid staff!


Kelly Lawson (214) 824-4013 has volunteered & served here 23 years
Eric Jenkins (469) 831-8392 has volunteered & served here 20 years
Eddie Frazier (214) 282-0518 Texas Prison & Dallas County Jail Chaplain
has volunteered & served here and as a chaplain since 1998 and has taught and baptized over 17,000
Paul Lockman (214) 821-2123 Foreign Missionary - India, Zimbabwe & Cambodia
Earl Holloway (214) 821-2123 Foreign Missionary - Latin America & Mexico
  Texas Prison & Dallas County Jail
  Eddie Frazier (214) 282-0518
     Texas Prison & Dallas County Jail Chaplain
Has served here and as a chaplain for 13 years
  Larry McClendon (214)-821-2123
     Texas Prison & Dallas County Jail Ministry

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Student Evangelists

Larry McClendon (214)-821-2123

Joe Reynolds (214) 680-5709



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