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Inspiration Of The Bible
Kelly's Idiot Notes from his New Analytical Bible with his own commentary

The Bible remarkable book & its teachings are profoundly valuable

Some do not consider these teachings divinely inspired.

In other words, the history & doctrines in the Scriptures is accounted for by these people on natural rather than on supernatural grounds.

Those who insist on the naturalist explanation, indeed, are required to show how man could have conceived Bible.

The doctrine of Inspiration asserts that the Biblical system did not originate in the human consciousness, that it would not & could not have done so, that unaided men would have been wholly incapable of creating such a system & enunciating its doctrines in the midst of changing condition throughout the centuries, that there are those things in the Scriptures that no human intelligence could have foreseen.

In addition, Bible teachings are such that they would never have been formulated & promulgated by fallen man.

Bible must be accounted for on supernatural grounds

There is no middle position. …what Inspiration signifies; namely, that the Scriptures were divinely communicated, that the authors of the Bible were divinely inspired to write what they did, & that without such Inspiration they would not & could not have done so.

Inspiration does not operate apart from the human channel.

The inspired message is stamped with the peculiarities of each.

It is thus human & divine.

We shall discover each writer proceeded in a manner peculiar to himself, & that the style of one is not that of another.

These writers did not act under some form of compulsion in a way unnatural to themselves. …

Mark writes with the directness & dispatch of the Roman;

The questions of authenticity & genuineness of the Scriptures are not to be confused with that of Inspiration.

Preservation of the Bible,” will be discussed in a few weeks to establish authenticity & genuineness.

Claims may be made for the authenticity & genuineness of any ancient classic. …Let us assume that a work of Plato has thus been authenticated; in that respect it is the same as the authentication of the Scriptures … But that does not prove the work in itself & its teaching to be true. These may be absolutely false, untrue to facts; & yet the work may be an authentic, genuine production of Plato. The authenticity & genuineness of the Bible are one thing; but what the Bible teaches, & what claims these teachings may establish is quite another thing.

1. Let’s consider What the Bible Claims for Itself

Is it essential to the doctrine of Inspiration that the Bible specifically declare that it is the inspired Word of God? …The Egyptian or the Chinese religion may claim to be divinely inspired & find it impossible by its teachings to make good such claims.

A fanatical person may declare he is “the light of the world” but fail dismally in getting anyone to believe it.

A mere claim is not equivalent to its establishment, but to establish a claim requires that it first be made.

We can easily see how the Bible may say very little about its inspiration & yet hold within itself the irrefutable evidence that it is so inspired.

II Timothy 3:16 …

In like manner Peter declares (II Peter 1:20, 21) These verses state emphatically that the Scriptures cannot be ascribed to men, that they did not originate in the human mind, that they are not a human product & cannot be accounted for on natural grounds.

Word of God,” …”word of the Lord,” … Christ quoted from the OT, considering it the Word of God. He declared that Moses & the prophets wrote of Him & that He was the fulfillment of these Scriptures.

2. Internal Evidences of Inspiration

If the Bible contained things contrary to reason, it is quite obvious that reason would reject it. Reason is incapable of accepting what is impossible or involves a contradiction.

But the Scriptures contain nothing of that order.

We find in the Bible things that are contrary to ordinary human experience; but that is vastly different from being contrary to reason. Men being raised from the dead is not a thing of ordinary human experience. But, given the being of God, the extraordinary & the miraculous are always possible & are not contrary to reason.

Nothing is given by inspiration that is an offense to reason.

In speaking of Internal Evidences of Inspiration we refer to those things in the Scriptures that can be explained only on grounds of divine inspiration. To justify its claims of divine inspiration it must contain those things that can be accounted for in no other way.


(1) That the Bible is the Word of God is evident from its doctrine of God.

The Bible opens with a statement of the fact of God: “In the beginning God….”(Gen. 1:1) … the fact that we find God in the Scriptures is not enough to cause us to assume that these Scriptures came from God;

It is the particular doctrine of God they teach that establishes these claims. …can we account for this doctrine in the same way we would account for the deities of the Egyptian Babylonian, or Grecian religions?

The God of the Bible is so different from pagan conceptions this difference cannot be accounted for on the ground that, being a different religion, it has a different deity …

The monotheism of the Scriptures is unique We are too prone to read the Bible without regard to the ancient world in the midst of which it was brought forth. Our concepts of God is monotheistic; we do not stop to consider why they are so, … the Bible carry us back into its ancient surroundings & conditions.

How account for monotheism, the doctrine of one God, in the Scriptures? Moses & his people lived in a polytheistic world, surrounded be peoples who had no true knowledge of the one supreme God, but worshipped many gods. Abraham was called out of Babylonian polytheism. Canaan was inhabited by polytheistic people. Egypt, in which the Israelites sojourned for so long, was polytheistic. Israelites, on entering their land, found it full of polytheistic races. Throughout Israel’s national career this paganism was flaunted on every hand.

Under such conditions, how can we account for the radically different, distinctive monotheism of the Scriptures? Could we expect that, … Hebrew people would conceived & bring forth this concept of a pure monotheism? The conditions under which they lived were absolutely against their doing so.

We must see the Bible in the midst of this paganism, standing alone & apart, holding high this truth – the only truth concerning God that the enlightened consciousness can accept – a striking exception to what prevailed in that early world. Intellectually, the Greeks were advanced far beyond the Hebrews; religiously, they could not approach the glory… How account for this outstanding exception that presented, not simply what was different, but the absolutely true as opposed to the absolutely false?

It cannot be accounted for on natural grounds, brought about by the beliefs prevailing in Israel’s environment; these were diametrically opposed to the new, lofty, rational concept.

It cannot be accounted for on the ground of an evolutionary procedure in religious thinking. It stands alone in the midst of degraded paganism, not as evolving from it – as from the lower to the higher – It is a revelation, not an evolution; … concepts that could never come through an evolutionary process.

…cannot account for it by the religious peculiarities of the Hebrews, through whom this monotheism was brought forth.

The Egyptians made their religion. They produced it & lived by it.

But the monotheism of the OT was not what the Hebrews lived by. Throughout a large part of their history they lived not by it, but contrary to it; their idolatry was constantly condemned by their monotheistic Scriptures.

The Bible cannot be explained on the ground of the higher religious concepts of the people … The only way of accounting for the doctrine of God in the Bible is by divine revelation, not by human origination & development.

(2) That the Bible is the Word of God is evident from the manner in which its great central truth is developed & maintained.

A system is prepared by a single individual, whether it be a system of philosophy or a system of religion. Let us say that it is developed consistently. Whether or not it conforms to what is strictly true is another question. …It is the work of one mind during a given period of his life.

In such cases we can easily understand how its unity is maintained, …

The Bible is not that sort of thing. It is not a system evolved by a single mind. On the contrary, writing of the OT … period of nearly 1,500 years. It represents many authors. It proceeded from stage to stage, through all the changing conditions of the centuries in which it was produced. That it is very difficult to maintain unity of all the particulars related to a great central truth, …

In this respect also the Bible stands absolutely alone.


Furthermore, the conditions under which the Bible’s great central truth was evolved were historical. …Shiloh Prophecy back in Egypt, … did not occur until from five to seven centuries had passed. And what was realized by Shiloh at that time (i.e. the line of David) required another thousand years for its fulfillment in Christ.

In the genesis & development of its Messianic idea the Bible takes us back to the beginning – to the Fall - & declares that the Redeemer, the seed of the woman, will come in a selected historical line. Through the long centuries this line was carried forward.

By the time of Abraham, the redemptive plan had become part of the Hebrew national consciousness.

From Abraham this central truth ran across national line for a period of 2,000 years, …

This redemptive plan, developed & maintained throughout the ages with all the changing conditions of the passing centuries, cannot be explained on natural grounds. The stamp of divinity rests upon it …

To assume that such a thing has evolved as a human concept, held throughout the centuries, requires infinitely more faith than to believe in the divine authorship of the Bible.

It is either a man-made scheme or

a divine plan; there is no middle ground.

(3) That the Bible is the Word of God is established by the prophetical Scriptures.

Predictions of the Bible, that were not fulfilled in the lifetime of the prophet, … predictions pertaining to Israel that were fulfilled to the letter, as well as in detail. …

the Messianic predictions in the Psalms & the Prophets that were minutely fulfilled in a way that no prophet, … could have foreseen. They were fulfilled in a way that no one could have contrived …

In matters of prophecy the Bible supplies in itself the evidence of its own inspiration. 


3. External Evidences of Inspiration

“By their fruits ye shall know them.” … “The Bible is inspired because it inspires me.” …

“The Bible inspires me because the Bible is inspired.”

If the Bible is the inspired Word of God, what effect should it have upon human life & conduct?

Before any definite effect can be seen, the Bible’s conditions must be met. It must be appropriated.

Too often this principle is ignored; …

you cannot live contrary to its spirit & teachings. …

Bible must be given full opportunity to be operative in the life.

The teachings of the Bible are designed to bring us into proper relations with God; … to touch the springs of our nature & alter the whole character & course of our lives; to bring us into living fellowship with God; to purify & ennoble our nature & to satisfy every spiritual need; … to raise our lives to a high moral plane; to awaken in us a passion for for the salvation of others.

Such results constitute an external evidence of the Inspiration of the Scriptures; …

A man may be the most devoted student of philosophy, science, history, literature, sociology; but these can never change his nature nor minister to his deep spiritual needs. … No other religion can produce these effects. … it is more than a book, it is a life,

Wherever the Bible exercises its influence there will be found a community with higher moral standards, a more advanced civilization,

Remove the Bible & its gracious influence, or withhold it, & the opposite conditions exist.

The divine character of the Scriptures, is the Bible’s uniform effect upon all classes & conditions of people. …

The full force of this should not be overlooked. There is nothing else on earth that can so affect the deepest & most vital parts of our life

… Any of these intellectual pursuits may make people smarter – but not better – men. They are not life-changing or life-building forces.

It is like nourishing food that ministers in the same way to the needs of all, whether ignorant or cultured.

The Bible affects all classes of people with it’s life changing effects.

The world is separated by differences of race, color, wealth, & achievement. In Jesus Christ the peoples of the world become one;


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